MRO Product Solutions

A comprehensive and flexible product and service program scaled to your business needs.

MRO Supply

SourcePRO can build a program suited to your sourcing requirements to supply the following MRO categories:

  • Cutting Tools &  Abrasives

  • Indexable Tooling

  • Hand Tools

  • Gaging

  • Work/Tool Holding

  • Marking/Stamping

  • Abrasives

  • Shop Supplies

  • Janitorial Supplies

  • Material Handling/Storage

  • Safety/Personal Protection

  •            Power Transmission

Industrial Material (MRO) Integration Programs

SourcePRO is your single source for the procurement and management of all your MRO Commodities. The program will organize, optimize and leverage your supply base. SourcePRO's program implements a process-driven system backed by our Plan for Every Part software with on-site staff for launch and ongoing operational support. The team handles all inventory and expense order management as well as the consolidation of all indirect material across multiple sites within a single system. SourcePRO customizes all of our programs to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need, when you need it.

Commodity Management

Your organization may not require a comprehensive integrated platform but a different scale of support for a single commodity. SourcePRO’s flexible business platform can accommodate this, and the benefits of our Commodity Management Programs include:

• Access to Key MRO and brand-name suppliers or manufacturers
• Reduced Vendor base and Product Standardization
• On-Site Personnel, Engineering Support
• Vendor-Neutral Platform
• Targeted Total Cost Savings Activities

Savings Are the Foundation of Our Programs

SourcePRO will target annual cost reductions on all supplied items. Cost reduction opportunities will be reviewed with customer’s personnel prior to implementation and no changes will be made to existing supply without written authorization by our customers. Approved cost savings data will be included in SourcePRO’s monthly reporting.

Spot-Buy Management

SourcePRO can support the simplification and control in the purchase of non-stocked product when it doesn’t make sense to source a one-off time purchase or emergency item. SourcePRO tracks all spot buys to ensure that repeat purchases are captured for inventory addition.

Billing Support

One supplier, one invoice. SourcePRO can work with your organization to support easier billing support to your Finance group.

Onsite Support

Our programs include personnel at your site to directly support your operations and ensure that your Inventory Management program is handled professionally and promptly.

Inventory Supervisors

An on-site supervisor who can manage store employees as well as the inventory through data driven metrics and store processes that are proven among multiple industries.

Inventory Analysts

On-site or remote support that manages procurement and inventory levels based on historic and analytical data.

Demand Specialists

Assigned to any combination of the following activities in support of the site buyer:

  • Process quotes for inventory items

  • Process quotes for Spot-Buys utilizing 3-bid process

  • Expediting

  • Cost Savings activity

  • Provide analytics and reporting

  • Support of a Vending Machine program

Storeroom Management

SourcePRO has a long history in Storeroom Management and our proficiency in designing, optimizing and executing a world class Storeroom and inventory management program is based on the following scope of services:

  • Provide On-Site Inventory Management Program

  • Extensive experience establishing & reorganizing storerooms for efficient material flow

  • Storeroom Design

  • Manage SourcePRO or Customer Employees (including unionized workforce)

  • Experienced with multiple site programs

Our Best-in-Class Storeroom Management Program includes expertise in the following areas:

  • Process Mapping and Optimization

  • Safety Procedures

  • Scheduling and Customer Support

  • Stock-Out Identification & Communication

  • Cycle Checking

  • Receiving

  • Issuing and Return of Parts

  • Critical Item Identification

  • Shelf Life and Aged Inventory Analysis

  • Complete reporting on all elements of program

Automated Industrial Vending Programs

Industrial vending machines drive the controlled reduction in the consumption of indirect material. SourcePRO will assess the material to be distributed through automated vending, and provide a detailed proposal, including resources, for the implementation of the program.


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