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SourcePRO is a market leader in Inventory Management and MRO Supply Programs.  We’re an Integrator that focuses on understanding your organization and works to achieve your goals in the management of your business. 

Explore SourcePRO’s unique approach to analysis, procurement and data management to find out how SourcePRO can help improve your bottom line.

The SourcePRO Advantage:

  • Vendor Neutral Supply Model
  • Nationally certified Minority Business Enterprise
  • Nationwide Footprint

Industrial Data Management

Data drives modern business…The certainty that comes from the identification and validation of your catalog is a big job that demands a partner with the knowledge and experience to support the initiative. SourcePRO’s comprehensive programs directly addresses data validation and implements processes in place to ensure ongoing data integrity across your organization.


MRO Product Solutions

SourcePRO’s direct relationship with thousands of brand name manufacturers in combination with our program methodologies offers our customers huge opportunities to save money.  SourcePRO brings your organization closer to key MRO brand-name suppliers and manufacturers and can establish a single or multi-Plant program depending upon your requirements.


Advanced Analytics

SourcePRO excels in the interpretation of your corporate MRO data moving your organization from data management to visual reporting.  The SourcePRO team is skilled in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of data to support your organization in making the right decision on your inventory.

SourcePRO is on the front line in the development of analysis techniques that have created value for the manufacturing industry through smarter procurement and management of MRO commodities. A first mover in the area of data cleansing procedures, call us to discover that SourcePRO is a reliable, collaborative partner that will work to design your company’s information to fit your unique way of doing business. We’re working to change the way MRO is managed!

Mission Statement

“Providing flexible solutions to reduce the total cost of using, procuring and managing indirect materials.”

Your Professional Authority for:

  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Indirect Material Procurement
  • Storeroom Management


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