Industrial Data Management

SourcePRO is an industry leader with the complex combination of data validation and set-up, inventory analysis, production volume and catalog management

In an increasingly busy manufacturing world, the potential issues that can be caused by poor quality data is endless.  A short list would include:

  • Inconsistent Information

  • Equipment downtime

  • Procurement delays and inefficiencies

  • Transaction processing failures

  • Inventory management issues

  • Inability to find necessary Items

What is Industrial Data Management?

IDM is a comprehensive methodology designed to ensure data integrity across multiple disciplines striving to balance corporate information between:

  • Multiple Systems

  • Multiple Plants

  • Multiple Suppliers

SourcePRO’s Industrial Data Management System works with your team to design and define your information with proven results for:

  • Elimination of Process Efficiencies

  • Reduction of Plant Downtime

  • Total cost Reductions

SourcePRO’s Master Data Management program will clean your inventory data using a comprehensive business process aligning practice and technology components to provide sound data on materials, suppliers, products, inventory, and cost. Our process validates raw customer data, standardizing, enhancing and cleansing it with the goal of improving procurement performance resulting in consistent product categories containing accurate, multi-attribute descriptions. The SourcePRO process ensures data integrity across customer multiple manufacturing disciplines (Engineering, Production, Purchasing & Materials Management).


SourcePRO’s Plan-For-Every-Part process drives our inventory management program. Drawing on customer system data on stocking quantities and procurement history, the PFEP reviews the consumption rates, delivery lead times and current inventory levels of indirect material to allow for better understanding of the stocking demands of the site.

Data Management, Analytics & Reporting

SourcePRO utilizes extensive analytics to drive improved inventory performance and process optimization. We specialize in consolidating data from multiple sources to provide data visibility in a usable format. SourcePRO develops and provides customized Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) based on customer and site-specific program measurables.

Supply Management & Support

SourcePRO’s Integrated supply program establishes SourcePRO as the sole supplier that your procurement team works with for all purchasing requirements. One supplier, one invoice. With extensive experience in the management and consolidation of supply chains, we work with you to manage the manufacturers and suppliers in cooperation with your team.

Catalog Management

Data integrity and process discipline are key to any successful inventory management program. SourcePRO’s Catalog Management Program manages your catalog to ensure that clean data, standardized to customer specifications is being entered and maintained to your corporate guidelines. The process maintains the quality of your data on an ongoing basis, enforcing a framework for the creation, use, access and maintenance of data across the organization.

New Model Spare Parts Launch Management

SourcePRO’s New Model Spare Parts Program moves your launch team away “Recommended Spares Lists” and initiates a comprehensive analysis of your launch requirements for stocking spare parts. Our program validates quantity and description on all the spare parts to drive all your team decisions on stocking quantities, cost and enabling share-the-spare opportunities to ensure your program is ready for a successful launch.


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