Established in 2006, SourcePRO’s mission is provide flexible solutions to modern manufacturing, with innovative solutions for the sourcing, procurement and management of indirect materials. Our success in the Automotive, Steel, Defense and Food Service industries provides us a unique perspective to bring allow our customer’s to benefit from our cross-industry experience. SourcePRO’s business model brings solutions through Engineering Services, Asset and Commodity Management, Inventory Management as well as Integrated MRO Supply. Since our creation in 2006 we have worked to save our customers considerable cost savings numbering in the millions of dollars. SourcePRO is an equal opportunity employer and our commitment to diversity in our workforce and supply-base providing opportunities to certified diversity groups, that support our vision, strategy and add value to our services and products.    SourcePRO is an exciting and innovative company and we feel that our company can bring a great deal of value and experience to bear on your organization. Our philosophy is to grow with the customer and develop a program platform tailored to your business requirements. 

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